Helping City Hall assess the quality of their digital services

AnnieHeath / 25 January 2019

Our friends at the Greater London Authority (GLA) got in touch with the Croydon Digital Service over Twitter asking if we’d help them with a Service Standard assessment. Working in the open for the win! Like a growing number of other local authorities, Croydon is signed up to the Local Digital Declaration – which means … Continue reading “Helping City Hall assess the quality of their digital services”

Introducing Annie Heath

AnnieHeath / 20 December 2018

Hello! I’m Annie Heath and I’m so pleased to be joining the Croydon Digital Service in the council as the Digital Design Manager. It’s an incredible time to be joining a committed, enthusiastic local authority digital team and I can’t wait to get cracking and meet them, and all the great people in Croydon coming … Continue reading “Introducing Annie Heath”