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Welcome to the Silicon Flyover

Croydon is home to 2,045 digital, data and technology businesses, employing 7,725 people, making us one of the top 10 tech destinations in the UK. We are a fast-growing tech ecosystem, with 41% increase in digital businesses between 2013 and 2018.

About Croydon Digital

Croydon Digital is a shared platform run by the local tech community, for the local tech community and those considering joining us.

We operate as a not-for-profit collective, made up of individuals and organisations in Croydon’s digital industries volunteering their time, products and services. We are always looking for more volunteers and in-kind donations – join us by getting in touch here.

Croydon Digital’s purpose is to bring together digital professionals and advocates from the area’s diverse businesses, community groups, residents, charities and public sector to foster collaboration and promote Croydon’s digital scene.

In so doing, we seek to accelerate, celebrate and document the digital revolution at the heart of Croydon’s regeneration.

A rising tide lifts all boats

Croydon is changing on a scale and at a pace not seen since the 1960s , with an ambitious £5.25bn regeneration programme bringing new commercial, retail and residential developments over the next 5 years. A significant infrastructure and Smart City programme is also being delivered to create a truly connected and efficient place for businesses, and an exciting and vibrant place to work, live and enjoy.

Our members are united by their shared ambition to maximise the potential for digital, data and technology to radically enhance our borough’s public services, spaces, economy and jobs – making Croydon an even better place to live, work, learn and do business, enhanced by delightful digital experiences and a thriving, resilient and high-growth economy.

We are excited about this next chapter in Croydon’s digital story, and hope you are too.

Get involved and subscribe

Croydon Digital is written by the community, for the community and we welcome your contributions. As well as volunteering to contribute regularly, you can submit one-off articles and listings directly with no further commitment.

We welcome feedback on how we can make this site even better, and please get in touch if you want to help or to share ideas to build a more digital Croydon.

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