Introducing Annie Heath

Hello! I'm Annie Heath and I’m so pleased to be joining Croydon Council as Digital Design Manager.

Hello! I’m Annie Heath and I’m so pleased to be joining the Croydon Digital Service in the council as the Digital Design Manager. It’s an incredible time to be joining a committed, enthusiastic local authority digital team and I can’t wait to get cracking and meet them, and all the great people in Croydon coming together and banging the drum for Croydon digital on this blog.

I’ll be bringing lots of digital transformation experience, years of local government insight and a shedload of excitement with me. After a few years in the housing department and a few iterations of differently-named teams doing customer access and modernisation work, I joined the Digital First team in Brighton. Have a look at their blog to get a flavour of what I have been up to.

I know what it feels like to have multiple pressures, whether it is not enough time, money or people, and then have a new team coming along saying that this time when we change, everything is going to be different. I understand the frustrations, because I’ve been there. We do have a great opportunity here though! Great leadership, a fresh team, an organisation up for the challenge. I’m looking forward to joining the team and helping us all work together so that this time, it IS different.

Croydon has signed the Local Digital Declaration which commits us to

  • design services that best meet the needs of citizens
  • challenge the technology market to offer the flexible tools and services we need
  • protect citizens’ privacy and security
  • deliver better value for money

And the Croydon Digital Service team are committed to supporting services to achieve this. We will work with colleagues across the council to understand what their staff and customers need. Together we will identify what we need to either improve, remove, redesign or build to meet those needs. We will listen, share and be open, and provide the council with tools that will help them work more openly, collaborate more easily and solve problems more quickly – involving the users of our services in the design from the start. I’ll be posting here with updates on what, who, how and why as we find out and deliver.

It won’t happen overnight and without the commitment of everyone it won’t happen at all. But if we work together it will happen. I’m looking forward to it!

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