The future is digital

The digital world offers an incredible range of opportunities if you’re looking to upskill or start a new career.

“Digital skills” is a broad term, and doesn’t just mean coding. Here are just a few of the roles that come under the digital umbrella:

  • digital marketing
  • data analytics
  • development
  • artificial intelligence (AI)
  • user research
  • design
  • security
  • product and delivery management

Most jobs now require basic digital skills such as communicating via email or social media, creating and editing digital documents, and searching for information online. For many organisations, digital skills are simply essential skills.

Living in the age of social media and smart phones, you’ve probably already picked up a lot of essential and transferable digital skills! Polishing those skills can level-up your CV and reboot your prospects in a competitive jobs market.

Using our guide

With some many things to consider, we’re here to help guide you through this process. We’ve put together a useful list of digital and tech related training courses, along with additional resources to help you on your digital journey.

This guide will help you find out where to go to develop digital skills, whether you want to retrain as a software developer or simply gain confidence with tech basics. It will help you decide what skills are right for you, what courses are out there, and how to study full time or part time.

– Good luck!

Digital skills events and competitions

Launching soon

Coming soon

Digital careers and skills day

Following on from our Croydon schools digital roadshow, the digital careers and skills day will give our school children the chance to take part in a various digital and technology workshops.

We will demonstrate how future jobs and careers are changing in the new digital world, the tech and digital skills needed for these careers, as well as how to get the skills needed for this new career landscape.

Coming soon

Solve a social challenge to win a skills experience at Amazon HQ

In partnership with Amazon Web Services and Careers Colleges Trust, Croydon school children will have the opportunity to develop a solution to a social challenge using digital technology. Finalists will be invited to Amazon’s HQ to present their solutions to Amazon.

Keep an eye on this blog for details of the competition launch

Past activity

Education Evolution Conference

25 November 2020, Virtual Event

Education Evolution Conference
We partnered with Caterham School, LOTI and Ada National Digital College to bring the Education Evolution Conference to Croydon in 2020 virtually.

As disruptive technologies and the digital world are changing the future of jobs and careers as we know them, we bought together education and industry leaders to look at how schools and colleges can prepare young people for the future of work.

Croydon schools digital careers roadshow

January – April 2020

Croydon Council have completed a tech careers roadshow for secondary schools across the borough.

The roadshow raised awareness and aspirations in digital technology, demonstrating to young people how future jobs and careers are changing, the different tech and digital skills needed for these careers as well as where and how to access tech skills.

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