Implementing the technology code of practice in local government

Jon Mellor / 3 May 2019

  As previously mentioned in the blog, Croydon Council has signed up to the Local Digital Declaration which brings a focus and commitment to changing and improving how we design and deliver local public services in the internet age. There are many elements to the Local Digital Declaration but an important one, and the … Continue reading “Implementing the technology code of practice in local government” drinks goes Karaoke

Ash Balakrishnan / 26 April 2019

Join us for the 3rd monthly informal social evening to connect and collaborate with all the other like-minded people who are helping to make Croydon an exciting tech community. If you’ve attended one of our past events, you’ll know we like to include a memorable experience like virtual reality or arcade games. This time … Continue reading “ drinks goes Karaoke”

Dipping my toes into agile waters

Amelia Walker / 24 April 2019

From the very first day of joining Croydon Digital Service (CDS), it became abundantly clear that professional training for CDS family members was a key priority. This was such a refreshing change for me, and immensely welcomed! One of the courses we were encouraged to attend was the GDS Digital and agile awareness course. I … Continue reading “Dipping my toes into agile waters”

Launching Tech Stack Croydon

Andy Yiannakou / 8 April 2019

We are excited to be hosting our very first Tech Stack Croydon event at Sussex Innovation, Croydon, on the 30th of April. Tech Stack Croydon is a new event for software development and operations people who want to learn from and engage with other DevOps engineers in the Croydon area. This will be a perfect … Continue reading “Launching Tech Stack Croydon”

Who will be crowned Croydon’s best business for digital, data and technology in 2019?

Neil Williams / 8 April 2019

You’ve got to be in it to win it! Applications are open now for the Croydon Business Excellence Awards. There are many categories that our fine tech businesses should seriously consider entering, but most relevant of all is the Best Business for Digital, Data and Technology. I’m proud to be ambassador and head judge for … Continue reading “Who will be crowned Croydon’s best business for digital, data and technology in 2019?”

Our plan to deliver connectivity in Croydon

Marion Cugnet / 5 April 2019

Croydon’s ambition is to become a world-class digital borough and leading destination for innovation, growth and individual opportunities. Croydon is at the start of an exciting redevelopment programme of its town centre that will bring 10,500 new homes and 2.8m-ft2 of new retail and office space. Across all localities, further investment will also see more … Continue reading “Our plan to deliver connectivity in Croydon”

Embracing change: the agile PMO

Rebecca Toennessen / 4 April 2019

If you asked someone what their definition of a PMO was, you’d probably get a wide variety of answers. Some responses might include project managers, administrative function, the process police or even the what now? The definition given by the Project Management Institute states that: ‘The Project Management Office (PMO) is defined as “a management … Continue reading “Embracing change: the agile PMO”