Croydon’s first Technology Enabled Care event coming Wednesday 27 November

I've spent 19 years working in different services in health and social care, so I've watched as new initiatives have changed how we care for the most vulnerable people in our society.

I’ve always had a keen eye on technology and for a long time I’ve seen how, if used correctly, it can enable people’s independence, provide them with the support they need on demand, and keep loved ones in contact. It was this that drove me to the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) industry.

Croydon Council is hosting their first TEC event on Wednesday 27 November. This free event is for all health and care professionals, carers, residents and local services.

There are exciting new digital developments in smart sensors, wearable devices, the Internet of Things (IOT), apps, and artificial intelligence products. These have enabled people to manage in various areas of their lives where in the past they would have been reliant on another person. Modern Assistive Technology (AT) is defining itself by user need and supports the model of preventative or early intervention service. It supports independence and individual’s and families’ resilience, while reducing the demand on our front line services.

For example, I recently worked with a young man who had been an active member of his community, until he was diagnosed with dementia and diabetes. For a while he spent a lot of time in his flat waiting for community care support, until we were able to offer a GPS device which enables him to get out and about. The device has an SOS button and 2-way speech that ensures that community care can find him. With this, he has the confidence to pursue his active lifestyle knowing there are safety measures in place.

It’s changes like these that open up a world of TEC solutions that weren’t possible before. The process of integrating Assistive Technology into our service delivery is ever evolving, and to future proof our care it’s important to understand these opportunities.

So come along to Fairfield Halls on 27 November to see some of the best Technology Enabled Care solutions in action, talk to the experts, listen to industry leads and find out how TEC can help you. Book your free place here.

2 thoughts on “Croydon’s first Technology Enabled Care event coming Wednesday 27 November”

Diana Challen 18th November 2019 at 11:09 am

Hi, I have a ticket for this event. I am a bit confused though as to whether I should be attending for the whole day or whether it is a drop-in type of event. Please advise. Thanks.

    Corinne Pinfold 19th November 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Hi, it’s open all day or if people would like to pop in for the hour. Having a little more time to attend scheduled talks would be of benefit but any time spent would be useful.

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