OneTeamGov comes to Croydon: OneTeamCronx is born!

Croydon Council, the Home Office and the Land Registry were some of the organisations taking part at the first Croydon meeting of this boundary-breaking public sector movement.

This Wednesday saw the inaugural meet-up of OneTeamGov in Croydon. OneTeamGov started life in Whitehall as a way of bringing together the communities of policy professionals and digital people. It’s since evolved into a gathering of any folk with a passion for making things better in public service, to share ideas and experiences.

Now local groups are cropping up all over the UK, and indeed the world, with ever more diverse attendance from government and beyond getting involved. You can find out more detail on the background of the movement on the OneTeamGov mission page.

Organised and hosted by our new chums in the Home Office’s digital, data and technology team, the first event was an opportunity to meet new people and discuss the purpose of the network going forward. With just an hour scheduled for this get-together, time soon ran out – but that’s a good sign that there’s definitely something in this idea.

In future we are hoping to identify some joint challenges that we can work on across organisational boundaries, and to increase the reach of the group to get greater representation from other parts of the public sector – which can only make the whole thing more useful for everybody involved.

We’re really happy to be involved and help out wherever we can, and we offered to host the next meeting at our offices at the council. As soon as the date is agreed, we’ll publicise it here on the events page. In the meantime, to facilitate conversations, we have created a Slack group. If you’d like access, drop me a line using

Oh, and we couldn’t let the opportunity pass to Croydonise things a little bit, so Dave (CDS’ crack interaction designer) made a few quick modifications to the OneTeamGov logo – we hope you all approve!

2 thoughts on “OneTeamGov comes to Croydon: OneTeamCronx is born!”

Lindsey 24th July 2019 at 9:50 pm

That logo would look lovely as a laptop sticker … 🙂

    Corinne Pinfold 25th July 2019 at 8:43 am

    That’s an idea! 😉

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