The New Frontier: Croydon’s groundbreaking art exhibition

East Croydon Cool interviews street artist Marc Craig about the borough's first ever virtual NFT exhibition.

At East Croydon Cool, we’ve read a lot about NFTs this year and have become mildly obsessed with how this new type of digital asset is revolutionising the world (and seemingly making people a lot of money!) Seriously, if you’ve not heard the term, do a quick Google search now – EVERYONE is talking about them. 😉

Our excitement about NFTs and the potential they hold for Croydon’s creative community led to us co-creating Croydon’s first ever NFT art exhibition, which runs throughout October!

Hosted online by Chopperchunky Gallery, the ‘Croydon Creatives – the new frontier’ exhibition will showcase NFTs from Johnny Howl ClubMarc Craig and East Croydon Cool. Those wishing to buy an NFT will need to open a Coinbase account and buy some Cryptocurrency.

To find out more about what NFTs are, we spoke with artist Marc Craig. Lockdown saw Marc embrace the digital art world and start selling his work as NFTs. During a time that was especially tough for artists (not many people wanted to buy traditional art during a pandemic!), Marc found success in this emerging new market. He went on to set up an Online Gallery (Chopperchunky) through which he promotes other digital artists. His innovative approach to the situation was even recognised by Forbes.

Read more about the NFTs in the exhibition on East Croydon Cool, or check out the virtual ‘Croydon Creatives – the new frontier’ exhibition until the end of October.

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