Do you want to increase equality, diversity and inclusion in your sector?

  • Hosted by DAGILE
  • 24/11/2021
  • 18:00
  • Free
  • Darwin Court
  • 1 Crail Row
  • London
  • SE17 1AD
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About this event

This event will provide a lot of food for thought if you are a HR professional, a hiring manager, or just a team player who cares about their team being diverse and representative of society and the audiences that your organisation serves.

The talk will be delivered by Amin Rahman, an academic at Ravensbourne University London. It will cover topics such as:

  • Barriers to opportunities that arise from different interpretations of skill shortages
  • Why businesses and teams should prioritise how their job posts are positioned and how far they reach
  • If equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) can be improved at different stages and in various talent sources: education, training, recruitment, volunteering.

This talk focuses on the creative and technology sectors but is relevant to EDI across organisations who require staff with digital skills.


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