Community Fibre: new broadband package supports Londoners affected by COVID

Community Fibre is offering 10Mbps broadband at the affordable price of £10/month for one year to help London households get back on their feet.

COVID-19 recovery package

Internet service provider Community Fibre is launching a new affordable broadband package to support London households affected by the pandemic.

The package costs just £10 per month for a year of 10Mbps 100% full fibre broadband service with consistent symmetrical upload and download speeds and no data cap. This works out as one of the most affordable packages in the UK.

The offer is available to London residents who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and are claiming welfare benefits. The aim is to help them recover from the economic downturn and find new job or training opportunities by enabling them to:

  • access job search services
  • carry out online training, video conferences and interviews
  • stream single standard definition video services

Community Fibre’s CEO Graeme Oxby said “Our mission is to bring better internet to all Londoners and we always look for opportunities to give back to the communities we serve. We recognise that many have lost their job because of the COVID-19 pandemic and may not be able to afford a good internet connection to secure their next job opportunity.

“In the past year, we have all learned how critical it is to have access to a quality, reliable broadband in order to work, find a job, acquire new skills and more.

“Unlike other packages available on the market, our COVID-19 recovery package capitalises on the advantage of the 100% full fibre network to deliver a full 10Mbps broadband service as promised at an affordable price to support the community. It was a natural move for us to help further bridge the digital divide and enable Londoners in need to get back into the job market.”

Get the new offer

The offer is now available until end of July 2021 in all the London properties served by Community Fibre for new customers who are currently claiming welfare benefits. At the end of the one-year contract, you can choose to continue the contract (with the same cost and speed), upgrade to a faster speed or cancel the service altogether by returning the router.

To sign up for the offer, give us a call on 0808 196 6206 and we will walk you through the steps you need to show you’re eligible.

Any existing customers of Community Fibre who are facing payment difficulties can also contact our customer service team to discuss their options.

Community Fibre in the Cronx

As part of our mission to bring better broadband to all Londoners, we have enabled full fibre in 12,319 properties across Croydon so far, with 7,760 of these being council-owned properties.

We have been working with closely with Croydon Council to roll out full fibre broadband across the borough – including providing free Wi-Fi in the communal lounges of sheltered blocks and community centres.

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