Digital Parenting Webinars: supporting families online during COVID-19

Digital Awareness UK is running online safety webinars for parents and carers to help protect kids from dangers like grooming.

It’s no secret that many of us are living our lockdown lives in front of screens right now. Tech has been a lifeline for so many families. But as a leading online safety organisation, we’re also aware that for many parents, lack of knowledge gets in the way of keeping children safe online. Not everyone is able to move around the online world with ease or understand the risks young people face on popular apps and games, such as grooming or online abuse. It’s never been more important to support parents and carers to have the right conversations with their children.

That is why Digital Awareness UK has teamed up with Vodafone UK for a second year, to deliver a series of free Digital Parenting webinars for parents and carers around the UK. With support from groups such as Croydon Digital, we have been able to get support out to parents far and wide by working closely with schools and other organisations.

Within the one hour webinars, Digital Awareness UK’s industry expert facilitators will offer guidance around how to manage critical issues such as screen time management and online abuse as well as informing them of the many benefits technology has to offer young people today.

Through the limited series of events, Digital Awareness UK is reaching a diverse variety of schools and community groups in locations including (but not limited to) London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Sussex.

The Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine and the Family Pledge tool play a huge part in this series of events, with parents gaining pragmatic advice around how to speak to their children about their digital lives in a healthy and productive way.

If you know a school or organisation that you think would benefit from an online safety webinar for parents and carers, please contact Digital Awareness UK at


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