New digital course for adults to help build tech confidence

ClearCommunityWeb is running a new remote course to help you learn internet basics and get to know your own laptop, tablet, or computer.

At ClearCommunityWeb CIC we primarily work with older people, vulnerable adults and carers to help them build digital skills and generally feel a little more comfortable with their mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

For those of us using computers daily, trying new things may be second nature, and it’s difficult sometimes to appreciate how much support some people need. We can easily get frustrated if people don’t “get it” first time or forget to charge something up.

There are many barriers to learning, which may vary over time. This is why we focus on three things in all of the classes and courses we run:

  • building confidence
  • helping people feel safer
  • helping people troubleshoot

Our first steps include helping learners become more familiar with their own device by knowing what it is and where the settings are. Two simple foundations which at least give you the information you need to start to ask questions.

In lockdown, this has become more important because:

  • we’re all more cut off and dependant on online services
  • it’s harder to get stuff fixed or get advice so we all have to become more self-reliant
  • learners may have been gifted a cheap tablet or an old laptop from a family member, neighbour or community group, but not taught how to use it

We have created a new short course to tackle these situations head-on. This will take place weekly on Zoom, so you can join from home using your own device.

Digital Horizons

Digital Horizons is a free 8-week programme designed to help you learn how to use a tablet or iPad to access the internet for the first time or to brush up on some of the basics.

Start dates: 4 February or 8 April
When: 11am on Thursdays
Cost: FREE
Find out more and register for Digital Horizons


Thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund we are able to offer these free of charge.


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