Cadava: made in the digital heart of Croydon!

Former Kayak and DailyMail lead engineer, Colin Humphrey, introduces us to the Croydon start-up that he founded during lockdown.

Cadava began in earnest after I left a lead engineering job in Central London to begin realising my dream: to bring affordable quality website services to Croydon, London and beyond. My vision is to lead the way in championing diverse talent in technology.

Cadava got its name from the acronym “Creative Agile Development Advanced Visual Applications“, and we’re hoping to leave a lasting impression with our upcoming marketing jingle:

Our site was once our pride and joy, now it’s just palava

It’s revived and sure to rise again hosted on Cadava

Currently, the company is privately funded. I’ve invested my own savings into it because I believe we have the right product and tools for SMEs, brands and startups.

We’re in our first marketing round and looking forward to meeting and getting to know our clients.

In just 2 months, our core MVP was built, which was a whirlwind of late nights, around the clock development, pizzas and cola.  Now we’re open for business and iterating to improve our product, security, performance and onboarding.

There’s a lot of firsts and more to come. We’ve created two promotional videos, accepted our first clients, held our first virtual event, launched merchandising and continue spreading the word.

Our Digital Services

Cadava’s digital services provide the right toolkit needed to get your idea off the ground, in the air and soaring in the cloud. We’re here for all businesses, brands and individuals that require rock-solid web expertise, integrations and unbeatable support that works quickly, quietly, efficiently, and is a safety-net there when you need it.

The kicker to our products is that we will ensure your website has 99.9% uptime, GDPR compliance, lifetime 100% free certificates (SSL), guaranteed response times and receives regular updates with the latest security patches, OS releases to keep you trustworthy, competitive, safe and your clients happy!

Imagine you’re a startup just getting going, a scale-up whose core websites need technical TLC or an established company that wants to accelerate their site to work smarter with engaging above-the-fold content, faster load times, e-commerce, CMS upgrades, optimised SEO structure, or improved security and conversion. Cadava has the right selection for you and we deliver without overspend or budget-bloat. We advise and never push, delivering what you need, want and deserve. We believe in empowerment through digital technology, web-hosting, development, design, consulting and most importantly support.

We do this by offering the following:

  1. Websites – see our web-hosting demos
  2. Web support and maintenance
  3. Software Consulting

Our products allow companies to get advice, start-up, scale-out and continue to grow on a robust future proof platform.

We strongly believe everyone should have a quality Cadava-website at an affordable price point lowering TCO (total cost of ownership) and increasing your ROI (return on investment).

More recently we’ve also run our first recurring event, called hyperlinked, for people to engage learn and grow with others in a tech-focused space.

Why we’ve chosen Croydon

Croydon is a city in its own right, a tech-hub on the rise where it’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. There’s lots of investment, transformation and regeneration happening around us right now, as shown in the Croydon Digital Strategy 2019 – 2024.

Croydon also has a solid digital infrastructure. With robust broadband speeds between 14.98 – 67.05 Mbps it’s definitely well on its way and will only get better. We’re happy that Croydon is broadband-ready.

The transport links in East Croydon are respectable and currently under consultation hopefully to improve from 6 to 8 lines. Croydon also has immense potential for start-up and existing companies, with over, 384,837 residents – expected to grow by 14% to 445,000 by 2031.

For Cadava the question is not, why Croydon – but why not Croydon, right? Let’s continue to build more positive news for Croydon, London and the UK to help drive ourselves out into the digital future!

What we’re bringing to the Cronx

Cadava’s been out there in Croydon taking it to the welcoming streets and bringing the hustle with us to High Street, South End, George Street, Selsdon Road and Brighton Road. We’ve been talking with local businesses to better understand the unique challenges they face, engaging and interacting with our client base to hear first hand their needs, and designed our services around them.  Unfortunately, many of these businesses share a similar story: inflated prices, insecure websites, non-GDPR-compliance and websites unsupported with parked domains.

We provide managed website services with support and believe websites are like investing in any high-value item: this is why we include support because without proper maintenance problems arise.

Cadava is also committed to invest in Croydon’s most valuable and diverse asset: its people and its youth. People are the most valuable asset in any economy and technology is an industry that is often underrepresented by people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Let’s face it, if ever the entrepreneurial spirit needs to rebuild and shine it’s now in this moment of uncertainty as the future of the high street has already changed and will continue to.

Further information

For those who’ve read to the end and are browsing on desktop, here’s a little Easter egg and COVID19 stress buster for you.

Oh, and you can also refer a friend using promo code: CADAVA2020 and get a further month discount free.

You can follow us on Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter or visit the Cadava website for a consultation.

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Mia 1st October 2020 at 3:38 pm

Great article , really informative. Will look out for your services

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