Scaramanga lands at No. 1 Croydon

The team at Scaramanga Agency are delighted to have taken up new office space at No. 1 Croydon. The move comes as the team expands, with Mike Gammon joining the team as Head of Design.

We at Scaramanga are creative thinkers delivering design and marketing solutions. Our team is made up of brand experts, marketers, designers, content wizards, social media gurus and experienced web developers.

We are all excited about being in the new office No. 1 Croydon, known locally as the 50p Building due to its unusual shape. The new office even has air conditioning, so we’ll stay cool when the temperatures rise.

Why Croydon?

Well, the connections the team has with the area are numerous:

  • Simon Leadbetter, Technical and Creative Director, studied at Croydon College back in the dark ages BG (Before Google). Watch Simon’s interview with Croydon Digital last month
  • Claire Scaramanga, Director, lives in the London Borough of Croydon
  • Kieran McNeil, Social Media Executive, lives just around the corner from the new office
  • Sarah Moran, Account Director, studied at Coloma Croydon
  • Scaramanga Agency has been closely involved with the Chamber of Commerce in Croydon and Claire Scaramanga sits on the executive committee of CRX, a local networking group.

Croydon has changed significantly in the last few years and the team are excited to be close to BOXPARK Croydon and the culinary experiences provided by it. It is also known for being a tech hub so it will be great to be around other businesses with a similar forward thinking and innovative focus.

We are also excited to be so well connected to London with regular trains into London and the journey taking next to no time!

Did you know….

Croydon is home to the busiest railway station outside zone one.

Croydon is the borough with the fastest growing tech cluster.

Croydon is home to London’s only tram network.

Not to mention the great Surrey Street market, plus the fact that Banksy installed the Gross Domestic Product shop that never opened, drawing new visitors to the area to take a glimpse.

We are excited to be at the heart of a vibrant town with the business opportunity that comes with it.

We would have celebratory drinks to invite you to, but a global pandemic seems to have got in the way!

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