Croydon’s tech community on taking care of your business and yourself

A roundup of what Croydon's tech community has been blogging about in the past few weeks.

This is our second of a regular series of round-ups of the top bloggage and news by Croydon’s tech sector. It will hopefully give you an insight into the innovations and insights coming out of the Silicon Flyover, as well as help you deal with lockdown. 

Cronx news

Female-led grassroots musical talent hunter SDS Entertainment launched a new online hub focused on black and brown artists

One of Croydon’s coolest office spaces is up for rent: the top floor at Project B

Working from home and the new normal

Natterbox discusses whether workers were really ready to start working from home and why not everyone will find it easy to do

Coffee and instant connections: PCSG talks about whether virtual events are here to stay

Guidance for using touchscreens in a (post) confinement world from Quintessence

Advice for business owners

Dotdigital has tips on how to meet 24/7 expectations from customers in a globally-connected world and ways you can adapt to rising online demand

Web developers ChilliApple on how to succeed online and how automating your online store can save you time

Moving data to the cloud: Adlib gives tips on how to reduce costs and speed up the process

Smart Cow Marketing has digital marketing tips to help your business during coronavirus

Taking care of yourself

Natterbox share their top tips for combatting telephobia

Ocushield presents their advice on how to prevent digital eye strain – for more information on how to take care of your eyes when staring at gadgets, check out their other blog posts

Welldoing discusses if going back to normal is for the best

Fun and games

Last but not least, Croydon’s resident board game cafe recommends games you can get your teeth into during lockdown

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