Estate Apps launches tool to help businesses gather feedback with confidence

The new app by the Croydon-based company lets businesses promote their top reviews when they collect feedback, which can be a lifesaver for start-ups.

Feedback – both good and bad – is valuable and helps us improve our services. All companies should go out of their way to discover what is and isn’t working for their customers, so they can improve.

However, the internet can be a cruel place and one of the things that kills businesses before they’ve had a fair chance to iron out their flaws is negative online ratings. The fear of this tends to make businesses avoid seeking feedback altogether.

Working in the property industry, we particularly found this with letting agencies. They tend to be the one with social channels, so they end up taking the flack that should be directed at the landlord or the property itself. This gave us the idea to build a simple app to help any business – not just letting agents – confidently ask for reviews.

In a nutshell, when a business uses our app the customer is prompted with a choice of 5 stars with which to rate them. If they select 1 to 3 stars, they are presented with a form asking for their contact details and feedback which gets emailed to the agent directly…

However, if they select 4 to 5 stars, they are given a choice of social platform to post the review and then, upon selection (Google for example), they are taken directly to the ‘Write Review’ screen in order to post their review.

This gives you an opportunity to turn feedback into a positive experience for the customer, dealing with any issues they experience and championing the benefits of your service.

To find out more about simplifying your reviews and empowering your customers, check out my posts on the Estate Apps blog, or get in touch with us about trying the app!

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