Free cyber security briefings for Croydon businesses

Click Enterprise is running a series of free cybersec briefings for all local businesses. Come along!

Businesses are digital. Like it or not, Digital is not a trend, but a part of every business. Whether you are banking, filing taxes or paying bills, you are interacting with the cyber world.

The last couple of years demonstrated how critical it is to protect your company and data from the dangers of being online. From many NHS trusts being halted by Cryptolocker malware to banks going offline for hours, cyber threats are increasing in quantity and intensity.

That is why, we at Click Enterprise, decided to join forces with Data2Vault, London Digital Security Centre and the Croydon Council to run a series of informative briefings to local companies. The briefings will take place once a month, are aimed at being educational and interesting, even for business owners, and will cover topics such as cyber essentials, phishing, public cloud, risk, and general tips and tricks to keep you and your business safe online.

The first event of the series will cover cyber essentials. Cyber essentials is a baseline security assessment that was developed by GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre to help organisations of all sizes and sectors achieve an acceptable security position. The CE scheme is operated by accredited bodies who help organisations raise their cyber security and organisational resilience, and in turn receive the CE certificate. Public Sector procurement now mandates CE as a standard for supplier selection.

The briefing will take place on the 30 January 2018 from 4pm to 6 pm at Croydon Council. To register for this briefing, visit

To find more about the other events in the series follow the links:

25/02/2019 | It all starts with Phishing | get on the front foot

Phishing tickets at

28/03/2019 | If you are using Public Cloud Services, you don’t need to worry about Cyber security, or do you?

Public cloud tickets at

26/04/2-19 | An introduction to residual risk and ways assess and manage it

Residual risk tickets at

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