Croydon Digital Service roadmap

Photo of Croydon Council staff looking at the roadmap on a large screen

We do our work in the open, sharing our plans and progress through our roadmap.

Update July 2020: The CDS roadmap is currently under review. We will add the link here again soon when this work is complete.

The roadmap shows:

  • digital projects the council is currently working on
  • things we expect to do in the future
  • ideas that may or may not ever get done

The roadmap corresponds to the council’s digital strategy, breaking the commitments down into achievable goals. We will update it at least once a week, adding new ideas, and making changes as priorities change and as we learn.

We are publishing our roadmap for all to see as we believe there is value in sharing this information. It shows our commitment to improving the way we deliver our services to residents. It also shows local businesses and other public sector organisations opportunities to collaborate with us.

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