London Tech Week | Improve Your Digital and Tech Skills or Grow Your Business

  • Hosted by Tooting Works
  • 14/06/2023
  • 13:00 - 15:00
  • Free
  • Tooting Works
  • 89 Bickersteth Road
  • Tooting
  • CR0 2NW
  • SW17
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About this event

Join us for an exciting workshop where we’ll be exploring the essential world of tech and digital!

Get ready to learn the essential skills and knowledge needed to navigate this ever-evolving landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, our Tech Week event is the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Don’t miss out on this unique learning experience!

Discussion Points:

  • Introduce the basics of HTML and CSS, explaining their roles in web development and design
  • Use visual aids such as diagrams and examples to help students understand the structure and syntax of HTML and CSS
  • Encourage students to practice coding and provide feedback on their work to help them improve
  • Provide resources and tools such as online tutorials and code editors to help students learn and practice coding
  • Show students how to test their code in different browsers and devices to ensure compatibility and responsiveness
  • Teach students best practices for coding, such as organizing files and using comments to make code more readable and maintainable
  • Help students build simple web pages and applications using HTML and CSS to give them hands-on experience
  • Discuss the various career paths and opportunities available in the tech industry and how HTML and CSS skills can be applied in different roles
  • Provide guidance and resources for students to continue learning and expanding their skills in web development and other tech fields
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