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As part of the City Council’s Economic Recovery & Prosperity Programme, we are working with Westminster City Council’s Business Unit to deliver a suite of rapid-response, digital skills training exclusively for Westminster businesses, with a primary focus on Westminster’s high street businesses. The project has been developed to primarily support businesses who have been impacted by the pandemic and will support business owners to get their business online so that they are able to generate income in-spite of Covid-restrictions on businesses. Westminster City Council is also keen to sustain Westminster’s high-street businesses by supporting them to become more versatile, resilient and innovative.

The training is interactive and hands-on and will be open to all Westminster businesses who wish to digitise their business. We want to ensure that businesses are able to take their businesses online and continue trading enabling businesses to survive and thrive in spite of economic uncertainty.

The overarching aim of this digital skills training is to ensure that businesses in Westminster are able to establish an online presence for themselves, develop a professional website, be able to successfully trade online and deliver their goods and services to their consumers. The training will also give businesses the opportunity to expand their skill-sets and will create an environment for businesses which will stimulate peer-to-peer support and mentorship.

The session:

During this session, you will learn about website domains and how to save money purchasing them. We are also going to demonstrate how to publish your website via Amazon Web Services (AWS). This will be a hands-on technical session. The interactive session will provide guidance on how to use AWS services/tools to manage your website.

Session aims and objectives:

  • What is a Domain and how to purchase it
  • SSL certification (For user information)
  • Deploying a website to the server-side

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