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A user friendly activities finder covering sports, wellbeing, arts, events with location based searching.

International Company with presence in Croydon

Adlib Software

Enables businesses to create an end-to-end digital strategy by discovering, accessing and transforming unstructured data into high-quality structured data that fuels process automation and business intelligence.

Agricola Global

A B2B and B2C e-commerce platform which provides farmers and food producers an opportunity to connect with local, national and global markets.


A new way of managing company expenses. Next generation expense management software, automated with bespoke credit cards, allowing real time tracking and helping cost control.


Specialises in providing strategic technology and operational advice to SMEs, charities and start-ups.

Baachu RAIN

Provides high quality data on public and private sector contract opportunities, and the training/consultancy on how to win the qualified bid opportunities to generate more revenues and profits.

Baachu Scribble

The largest community of bid proposal professionals with the best proposal management training you’ll find anywhere.


Create engaging, goal-oriented, bespoke mobile and web solutions for today’s communities.


A mobile messaging app to provide users with access to a dedicated psychologist and receive support on life goals and issues.


Provide bespoke mass email marketing solutions for any company.

Cinch Technologies

Leaders in integrated software technology. Inspired by the challenges faced by organisations today and how powerful IT platforms can provide the best solutions, Cinch Technologies was established to provide flexible yet robust solutions to organisations big and small.

Clear Community Web

Simple classes to help up skill the community with fundamental digital skills.

Climate Integrated Solutions

Established in 2015, bringing a successful team of professionals together experienced in providing and delivering bespoke integrated energy efficiency and renewable projects for clients.


Supporting tech businesses of any size to ensure they are protected with Cyber Security Insurance.

Croydon Design

A design studio offering branding, print, web and digital design. Over the last 25 years
have specialised in graphic design for local government, charities and housing associations.

Croydon FM

Online community radio station playing a variety of different music.

Dot digital

Engagement Cloud is an omnichannel marketing automation platform.

eMaginative Concepts

The agency of first choice for eCommerce, Digital Marketing, Website Management and Web Design in Croydon and Surrey.

Fendix Media

The UK’s only NHS digital advertising network. They work with advertisers and agencies to deliver relevant high performance, digital advertising campaigns inside NHS staff intranets and on the NHS public websites.

Fifth & Blue

Where Fashion meets Tech. Bringing you stylish wearable tech under one roof.

Football Fan

Social platform for football fans banter, share latest news and earn FanCoins – the unique crypto currency.

Giroux Ltd

A business intelligence consultancy that helps organisations convert their data into essential insights for revenue generation, compliance and operational activities.


Help companies access Government grants and Research & Development tax incentives.

Heads Above the Cloud

Immersive, interactive environments for use in construction projects, real estate and building management.

Henson IT Solutions

An innovative and dynamic IT company supplying expert IT advice and developing industry-leading IT solutions.

Home Office Digital, Data and Technology

Designs, builds and develops services for the rest of the Home Office and for government. Transforming the Home Office and of keeping the UK’s streets safe and borders secure.


Online content SEO, search strategy and website deployment.


A fully automated parking payment system, which uses number plate recognition cameras to detect when drivers
enter and leave a car park, and bills drivers accurately.

Inception Support

Apple Mac support for Businesses and Home Users with managed services such as Office 365, antivirus and
online backup.

Isee media

Helping businesses and influencers grow with a strong social media presence.


Smart software applications enabling fast and effective compliance with the new rules, minimising the risk of regulatory censure and penalties.


A portable career wallet leveraging GDPR Data Portability to empower people to source, own and
instantly share their own job references with the next employer, on demand.


A online marketplace to help anyone organise an event using environmentally friendly suppliers.

Limitless VR

VR Cafe in Croydon with immersive in-headset VR game launcher, previews and specific VR controller tutorials.


Experts in building software interfaces for advanced urban services.


Handle all aspects of growth marketing and analytics, from set up, to scale up.


A marketing services agency dynamically set up to deliver integrated solutions, strategy and execution.


Cloud-based business telephony and voice services that transform the way your business communicates with its customers.


The world’s first and only medically-rated blue light filtering screen protector and makers of FDA approved blue light blocking glasses.


Transforming Enterprise Business Processes to Industry 4.0 level by Automating Process Management Workflow, Business Rule Engine, Business Application Solutions, RPA & Cognitive Bot Platforms, Technology Integrations, AI & Analytics and Mobility.


Enables ‘perfect matching’ directly between employers and candidates through their intelligent and ‘digitally personalised’ platform.

Purple Zorg

A unique platform for patient and care staff management catering to all requirements of care
homes and home care sector.


An interactive technology provider. Using touch screen technology to create digital, interactive experiences
for leading brands and businesses.


Fully managed IT Services, including PC Support, Server Support, Networks and of course new installations,
plus VOIP, ADSL and Ultra-Fast Fibre Broadband – Web Hosting, Design, DNS & Domain Name Registration services.


Easy search engine to find an accredited psychotherapist or counsellor.


An online platform that enables businesses to co-ordinate their customer onboarding.

Skills Hive

Put together pop-up teams and enable effective collaboration through an adaptive working model, so that businesses can become more responsive and resilient.other talented individuals.

Smart Cow

Digital marketing agency providing services for accounting, legal and other professional service industries

Smart Miles

An optimal Route Planner enabling simple delivery and travel, created with a purpose to make
driver and delivery person’s life easy and safe.


Delivering high quality bespoke websites, ecommerce stores, social networks, SEO, logos and branding, and

Shareworks By Morgan Stanley

Share plan management software supporting business to manage employee stock incentives.


Solutions and services to help customers understand and manage cyber and information security risks, protecting their business and infrastructure whether based in the cloud or on-premise.


A digital platform helps bring local people together, via a common location, interest and time.


Specialists in providing appropriate digital solutions to the business and education sector.


A SaaS platform that offers companies a way to measure team fit before they hire.


Develops and promotes town and city centres and rejuvenates high streets via ‘town branded’ smartphone apps and linked online maps.


A Software-as-a-Service platform and website plugin that retailers use to add advanced promotional code features to their eCommerce store.


UK’s leading therapist matching service for in-person and online therapy with over 850+ verified therapists and a huge library of articles and resources on mental health, self-development and wellbeing.


Offering a wide range of digital marketing services and business development