Digital, data and tech job opportunities in Croydon

The Croydon Digital Service is hiring!

We’ve just posted 4 vacancies – the first of several batches of roles to come available as we establish our new digital service in Croydon Council. These 4 roles are in our technology, service operations and business management teams. The closing dates are on 6 and 10 Jan, so if you or someone you know is looking for a new challenge in 2019 in an exciting, friendly team that’s not messing around, get applying over Romjul/Twixtmas/Chrimbo limbo!

(You’ll have to excuse the user experience of the jobs site. It’s on our list to fix at some point. Consider it an induction into just one of the things you’ll be able to help improve!)

And this site now has a jobs page!

Through this site and other means, we want to raise the visibility of Croydon as a great place for digital, data and tech careers, and do things that help our existing tech businesses to thrive.

So we’ve added a jobs page, to collate all the digital, data and tech opportunities in our borough.

There’s no charge for this service – all employers that operate from premises in Croydon are welcome to list their digital jobs on this page. Just drop us a line and we’ll get it done.

(For now it’s just a simple page, but could become a proper jobs board over time. Croydonites, remember this site is something for us all to share so let me know if you feel able to help evolve any part of this site with us!)

The council will have another batch of roles to recruit in early 2019, in product management, agile delivery and user-centred design disciplines, and when they’re available we’ll be adding them on the jobs page too.

For now, Merry Cronxmas.


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Neil Williams is the Chief Digital Officer for Croydon Council. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram (@neillyneil in both cases).

Introducing Annie Heath

Hello! I’m Annie Heath and I’m so pleased to be joining the Croydon Digital Service in the council as the Digital Design Manager. It’s an incredible time to be joining a committed, enthusiastic local authority digital team and I can’t wait to get cracking and meet them, and all the great people in Croydon coming together and banging the drum for Croydon digital on this blog.

I’ll be bringing lots of digital transformation experience, years of local government insight and a shedload of excitement with me. After a few years in the housing department and a few iterations of differently-named teams doing customer access and modernisation work, I joined the Digital First team in Brighton. Have a look at their blog to get a flavour of what I have been up to.

I know what it feels like to have multiple pressures, whether it is not enough time, money or people, and then have a new team coming along saying that this time when we change, everything is going to be different. I understand the frustrations, because I’ve been there. We do have a great opportunity here though! Great leadership, a fresh team, an organisation up for the challenge. I’m looking forward to joining the team and helping us all work together so that this time, it IS different.

Croydon has signed the Local Digital Declaration which commits us to

  • design services that best meet the needs of citizens
  • challenge the technology market to offer the flexible tools and services we need
  • protect citizens’ privacy and security
  • deliver better value for money

And the Croydon Digital Service team are committed to supporting services to achieve this. We will work with colleagues across the council to understand what their staff and customers need. Together we will identify what we need to either improve, remove, redesign or build to meet those needs. We will listen, share and be open, and provide the council with tools that will help them work more openly, collaborate more easily and solve problems more quickly – involving the users of our services in the design from the start. I’ll be posting here with updates on what, who, how and why as we find out and deliver.

It won’t happen overnight and without the commitment of everyone it won’t happen at all. But if we work together it will happen. I’m looking forward to it!

Annie Heath is the incoming Digital Design Manager at Croydon Digital Service, starting in January. She has a keen focus on user needs being at the heart of transformational change. You can follow her on Twitter @annie3h

Croydon is digital and we’re #notmessingaround

Welcome to – a new corner of the web where we hope to celebrate, accelerate and document Croydon’s tech sector growth and the digital transformation of our public services and places.

Although started by my team in the council, this is categorically a community blog – for and by the digital changemakers of Croydon. It’s a shared asset that we’ll evolve together from these humble beginnings into whatever we collectively want it to be, to maximise the opportunities for digital to make things better for people and businesses in our borough. Read the about page for more.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants: hoping to pick up the story where Croydon Tech City and The Croydon Citizen left off. (Sarah, Jonny, Nigel, James and everyone who contributed – thank you). And we are participating more actively ourselves – having been too quiet a voice in this conversation before – and growing a more more capable, visionary and engaged digital service in the council as part of its wider, ambitious plans.

It’s all about better outcomes for residents

The council as a whole is focused on delivering better outcomes for residents. If you haven’t already seen it, our 2018-22 corporate plan is a genuinely exciting read. It sets out a new operating model of evidence-based, preventative, user-centred, locally tailored and cross-sectoral approaches to making real change happen for the people of Croydon.

Those approaches and motivations go hand in hand with digital ways of working, and it’s in the spirit of that new model that we have created this new blog. The conditions have never been better for real, lasting digital transformation to take hold.

Introducing the Croydon Digital Service

In line with the council’s ambitions, my team is transforming to become the Croydon Digital Service.

The echo of GDS’s name in our new one is deliberate, signalling our renewed commitment (not just in my team, but as a whole council) to internet-era approaches and serving our users’ needs – to create better outcomes for the people and businesses of Croydon.

We have already signed the Local Digital Declaration – a set of GDS-influenced principles and commitments for local government that, given time to bed in, will have far-reaching consequences for the technology we choose, the way that we use it and the quality of our public services.

And we are upskilling our digital team – restructuring, making new hires, investing in culture and process change, teaching ourselves new tricks, and bringing new partners on board for the underlying technology we rely on.

We are demonstrably #notmessingaround and in the next 6 months, while we transform ourselves, we also aim to create a new digital strategy for Croydon, spanning our internal operations as a council, the services we provide to residents and cross-sector plans to make Croydon a more digital, smarter place.

This blog, among other purposes, provides a space for us to do our thinking in the open and engage the local community as our strategy and plans develop. These are your public services, and your public spaces after all.

Help us make be great

Working in the open is something close to my heart. I launched the first ever blog by a Cabinet Minister in this country, commissioned the blogging platform now shared by most central government departments, and as Head of GOV.UK I got the team (and now many other government teams) publishing its roadmap and incident reports.

As those in tech world know, “failing fast” and learning from it is vital. Sharing our learnings or emergent ideas for feedback, as well as celebrating our successes, can be invaluable to ourselves and others. Working in the open in this way is established practice in central government digital circles, and many of our local government digital peers also blog brilliantly already.

For many in the nascent Croydon Digital Service and the wider council, though, this will initially feel new and nerve-wracking. So let me make a plea, to those who would like to see a more transparent and engaged council, to please not to judge too harshly – especially as we are getting started. Instead, please encourage and support my team’s first forays into working more openly via this site.

And – most importantly of all, if you’re part of this Croydon digital movement – join in. We want lots of voices here, telling the story with us and promoting Croydon as a leading destination for tech businesses and source of digital innovation.

Contact us to let us know you’re interested in either writing or helping to iterate the platform, and we’ll follow up on next steps.

Neil Williams is the recently appointed Chief Digital Officer for Croydon Council. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @neillyneil.

Launching at Croydon Tech Forum

Neil and I are super excited to be attending the Tech Forum event being held at TMRW Croydon this week, along with other colleagues from the council. It’s a great opportunity for us to meet all the amazing members of the local tech industry who’ll be attending, and to introduce what we are planning to do.

We are entering a period of rapid change for both the Council and the area more widely, and so it’s vital that we are engaged with the local digital community, as their involvement and leadership will be crucial to us making Croydon a truly digital place.

The work of our teams will just form a part of the wider transformation taking place within the Council, which will result in better services for residents, designed around their needs and delivered as efficiently as possible, benefiting everyone.

This isn’t only about the technology that is used, but the processes, structures and cultures of service delivery – right down to the fundamental operating models that underpin everything we do. Personally speaking, it’s exciting to be joining a council that is having these conversations and actively taking on this challenge.

Neil, as the new Chief Digital Officer for Croydon, will be giving his ‘state of the digital Croydon’ address, introducing himself and the new team to everyone at the event. Following that there will be some panel sessions where local experts (and me) will be responding to audience questions about making digital transformation happen. The evening will then finish with some good old fashioned networking while coming up with ideas for taking the community forward.

The event also – and typing this here feels strangely meta – provides an opportunity to talk about this blog, and some of our plans for it. We’re committed to working in the open in our new team, sharing our ideas, plans and projects with the rest of the internet to help test and refine our thinking, and create opportunities for others to get involved.

But we don’t want this to become a place just to hear about local government IT (although that sounds pretty awesome to me). Our plan is for to be the blog for everything happening in digital in the area, whether driven by the Council or somebody else. Exactly how that is going to work is something we need to figure out, together, over the weeks and months to come.

If you have found your way here early (well done!) you can still sign up to the event on the Eventbrite page. If you missed out on that, please subscribe to the blog to get updates on what we do next.

Dave Briggs is the incoming Head of Digital Operations at Croydon Council – he starts his job in January 2019. You can follow him on Twitter @davebriggs.