Ten minutes to save ten grand

Will Callaghan / 15 March 2019

I worked for Croydon Council late last year helping Neil get his feet under the table and assess what changes needed to be made to how the council approaches digital, data and technology. It’s great to see the Croydon Digital Service now up and running. Recent chats about the Local Digital Declaration and how it’s … Continue reading “Ten minutes to save ten grand”

Free digital and agile awareness course in Croydon!

Dave Briggs / 13 March 2019

Our friends at the Government Digital Service are coming to Croydon on 20 March to deliver a course for public sector folk on digital and agile awareness. The course covers how to: describe what digital means across government demonstrate the behaviours to support a digital team culture by supporting user-centred design, agile and multidisciplinary team … Continue reading “Free digital and agile awareness course in Croydon!”

Introducing Ash Balakrishnan and croydon.digital drinks

Neil Williams / 4 March 2019

Ash Balakrishnan has joined the council to bring some part time support for croydon.digital community facilitation, events planning, and commissioning and managing community content for this site. Ash is a Croydon resident and seasoned tech networker, who has organised events as part of London Tech Week and is eager (as are so many of our … Continue reading “Introducing Ash Balakrishnan and croydon.digital drinks”

Jobs roundup – software development, software support and user research

Neil Williams / 20 February 2019

There are a few new jobs on the croydon.digital/jobs page worth your attention: User Researcher, Home Office Applications Support Manager, Croydon Digital Service C++ Developer, KnowCo 1st Line Support Analyst, Click Enterprise Senior Software Engineer, via Spectrum IT Recruitment Go check them out and help spread the word!

croydon.digital is now open for submissions!

Tom Steel / 14 February 2019

We’re thrilled to have had brilliant contributions from several of Croydon’s finest digital thinkers and doers already since launching this site in December. That’s exactly what croydon.digital is about – showing the world we have a friendly, talented and active tech family here and an ecosystem for tech businesses to thrive, and having conversations in … Continue reading “croydon.digital is now open for submissions!”

Being the change we want to see

Atika Mohammed / 13 February 2019

When I first got the role of Change Delivery Manager a few months ago, I had no idea of the scale and pace of change I was about to be delivering. But my then manager Matthew Wallbridge (who has now left the Council) gave me “The Little Black Book of Change”. It’s a great read and simplifies delivering transformational change into 7 fundamental … Continue reading “Being the change we want to see”