How to contribute to

We welcome contributions from a wide range of voices, and in a variety of formats (short text, long text, video, audio and images) so long as they further the site’s aims.

Stick to the high level principles and practical steps below and we will gladly publish your contributions.

The principles

Keep it fresh. We’re not mad keen on reposting content verbatim that’s been published somewhere else already. Please only send original content for this site (but feel free to announce and link to relevant stuff elsewhere).

Avoid politics. The site is shared between the people of Croydon and the council, so we’re bound by rules around impartiality. Contributions must be politically neutral, and avoid divisive issues.

Be constructive. Do call out challenges, learnings from the past and opportunities to do things better. But this isn’t a place to moan, blame, complain or criticise.

Speak personally. The best content offers a personal perspective, written by an individual not an organisation. Where possible, try to relate your central point to improving outcomes for people and businesses in Croydon.

Avoid sales patter. It’s cool to talk about what you do or your organisation does so people can see what kind of tech talent and opportunities we have here. But this isn’t the place to pimp your products and services. Use your bio text to add contact information, so if people want to follow up they can.

Challenge and provoke. The very best posts say something new and spark a debate. And that includes finding exceptions to these principles! Croydon is the birthplace of punk after all.

The practicalities

  1. (Optional) If you aren’t sure whether your idea fits the bill, you can start by getting in touch and we’ll have a chat about it with you.
  2. Create your content
    • For written articles, aim for 500 to 1,000 words. For video, aim to keep it under 10 minutes.
    • Please provide a copyright-cleared, relevant landscape photo to illustrate (not decorate) your post. Feel free to use additional images throughout the post but we need at least one high res image to use as the featured image.
    • End your content with a biography (40 to 80 words including web and social media links) which we’ll use at the end of the post. See existing posts for style.
    • Remember to include links where relevant to other sites
  3. If you don’t already have one, create an account on and set your profile, so we can show you as the author
    • Enter your first name and surname
    • Add a photo of yourself
    • Add a one line description to the “about me” section
  4. Send your content to and tell us your username
  5. We’ll agree a publish date, so you know when to promote the heck out of it on social media!