croydon.digital is a shared space bringing together voices from Croydon businesses, community groups, residents, the council and wider public sector to foster collaboration and – in so doing – to accelerate, celebrate and document the digital revolution at the heart of Croydon’s current regeneration.

Our collective digital ambition

Croydon is changing on a scale and at a pace not seen since the 1960s – and this time we have the internet and rapid tech innovation bringing both new challenges and immense opportunities.

Our council, tech employers, residents and communities have a shared ambition to maximise the potential for digital transformation to radically enhance our borough’s public services, spaces, economy and jobs – making Croydon an even better place to live, work, learn and do business, enhanced by delightful digital experiences and a thriving digital ecosystem.

This site builds upon the great work that has been done in the past to bring people together across sectors to make things happen in Croydon – this time with increased engagement and openness from the council.

Role of the council

Croydon is an ambitious council. The Corporate Plan (2018-22) sets out the council’s strategic objectives, including the need for change in how it delivers services, to improve outcomes for the borough’s residents, businesses and communities.

Within the council, the new Croydon Digital Service has a remit to look after internal technology services, develop new, digital-age services for residents, and to support the development of Croydon as a digital place.

They can’t possibly do this alone, however. The only way this can succeed is if the council works collaboratively with other organisations and sectors in the local area – hence the creation of this site.

The Croydon Digital Service is at an early stage of planning, both for this site and the digital strategy that will enable the corporate plan, and are very open to people coming forward with their vision for what croydon.digital should be and how we can use it to foster collaboration.

Get involved and subscribe

If you have ideas or would like to contribute, read our guide and please get in touch – we would love to hear from you.

We are excited about this next chapter in Croydon’s digital story, and hope you are too.