Why parking tech firm Hozah chose Croydon as its HQ

Our business is part of Croydon's growing digital community. Why is the tech scene taking off here more than in other parts of the country?

Technology is going to play a central role in shaping urban communities over the next decade, and Croydon is in an excellent position to demonstrate this. I don’t mean its oft-touted geographical position between London and Gatwick – but because of its status as a growing tech community.

Both Croydon Council and local residents have an appetite for using technology to improve life in the Borough. Having a dedicated Chief Digital Officer, Neil Williams, shows that Croydon is serious about the role that tech will play in its future. This creates a buzz that can be felt beyond Croydon itself, with the borough finally starting to get the recognition it deserves.

This is why we chose to operate here: because there is a dynamism in the borough that is not present elsewhere in London. 

Hozah is proud to be a part of Croydon’s growing success as a digital hub and as a thriving community that serves everyone in the borough, from businesses to local people. 

Mobility and transport is a key area where a flourishing tech community can have a positive impact on local people’s day-to-day lives. Hozah makes parking easier and fairer for drivers by providing accurate car parking charges without the need for coins or frustrating mobile apps.

An infographic about Hozah. Pay for parking automatically with Hozah. 1. Sign up once at www.hozah.com 2. Hozah detects you entering and exiting 3. Do nothing else We'll automatically collect payment for today's session and any other parking sessions in Hozah car parks - just look out for our signs!

Drivers complete a one-time sign-up process to Hozah and then never have to do anything else to pay for parking in Hozah-enabled car parks. We use the latest smart cameras to see our drivers entering and existing car parks. We then charge drivers automatically for their length of stay, without the driver having to do anything.

Many car parks across the UK are already Hozah-enabled, and our first sites in Croydon are now launching: initially Spices Yard, soon followed by others. Croydon’s forward-looking parking department has worked closely with us to address driver frustrations. Their support has enabled Hozah to deploy our “no parking fines” system, with the idea of expanding across the borough.

We have already seen the success of being part of a growing tech scene in Croydon. By surrounding ourselves with other compatible tech companies and people who understand what we are trying to achieve, and why it is for the betterment of the community, our business is growing from strength to strength. In my experience, that sense of shared purpose is something quite unique to the tech community here.

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