A new digital strategy for Croydon – update

The draft text of Croydon Council's new digital strategy is now available to read and comment - please let us know your views.

Croydon Council is developing a new digital strategy for Croydon.

Having gathered ideas from residents, local tech SMEs and many more people besides, the draft text of the strategy is now available for you to review and comment. Please visit strategy.croydon.digital/draft to have a read and share any thoughts as you go along. [Update October 2020: the strategy consultation site is now closed. you can read a summary of the feedback received here].

As mentioned previously, the strategy aims to set a new, ambitious vision and direction for the work the council will do – in partnership with others across the system – to embrace the phenomenal opportunities for digital, data and technology to make Croydon a better place for residents and businesses.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts online or in person. It has been incredibly helpful, and the draft strategy is stronger for it.

We will keep this draft open for comments for 2 weeks. Any comments on the text and new ideas received by Monday 24 June will be taken into account as we finalise the strategy, before it is published in late June with the papers for the next council Cabinet Meeting on July 8.

That isn’t the last chance for feedback, though. We’ll continue to be open to feedback all the time. Once the strategy is live, we’ll be sharing the details of our work on a public roadmap and will keep using this blog to be open about our progress and plans.

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